Ontario Ecosystem Successfully Launched

The inaugural meeting of the Ontario Ecosystem of the Canadian Integrated Health Alliance took place on Friday, January 27, 2017 at the Westin Prince hotel.  A diverse group of attendees filled the room and a lively morning of presentations and conversations followed.

We were honoured to welcome Brian O’Connor, Chairman, European Connected Health Alliance, who provided insights into the value of the international market access program and the success stories from European ecosystems. This video captures the main points.

Noora Jansson, Director, OuluHealth & Innovative Cities Future Health, presented a case study on the Oulu Ecosystem, highlighting the way ECH Alliance had played a role in the success and growth of that ecosystem.  If you missed the meeting you might want to review her slides.

To further help attendees understand the power of ecosystems, we were able to show two video case studies from other parts of Europe:

Richard Corbridge the CIO of the Health Servicves Executive in Ireland
Mike Burrows,  Managing Director of the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), UK
Tomaz Gornik, CEO, Marand & Co-Chair, Management Board at open EHR Foundation programs

Moving closer to home, we then heard a Made in Canada story surrounding active and healthy aging from the Fountain of Health Ecosystem.  Linda Gobessi MD FRCPC, Medical Director Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services, Ottawa shared details of the project she is working on.  As active discussion started in the room, it became apparent that  new connections was being forged between  organisations -exactly what an ecosystem is set up to foster.

Dr Daniel Stegman (Seen here with Linda) of Infocare (an ECHAlliance member from Europe and the U S) described his experiences of accelerating the growth of his company through being  connected through the European Network of Ecosystems.

At the end of the meeting, the group decided to:

  • Create its first Working Group on Active &Healthy Ageing
  • Arrange a number of further meetings in 2017
  • Collaborate with the attendee organisations and others
  • Utilise the International Connections in Europe, the U S and China for the benefit of CanadaFor more information and to get involved with the ecosystem, contact Alex Szucs at alex.szucs@cihalliance.org