Why Join?


AS YOU ARE a seasoned healthcare professional, you already know that Canada is in the midst of a significant and permanent demographic shift, an aging population, which is already having a profound impact on our physical, mental, social and economic well-being.

This demographic shift will continue to have a significant impact on all of us, our families, communities and businesses, as our social and health care systems are particularly vulnerable.


stethoscopeThe European Connected Health Alliance (www.ECHAlliance.com) is finding solutions to these challenges. By integrating healthcare knowledge, skills, and technical innovation, the Alliance is finding cost effective solutions to complex regional healthcare problems much faster than any one healthcare organization alone.

Similarly, the Canadian Integrated Health Alliance (CIHAlliance) is a not-for-profit association that is part of a growing international network of “Ecosystems” that connect healthcare professionals and their organizations to advance effective health and social care. As we’ve seen in Europe, China and pinkpignow North American, these “Ecosystems” are powerful forces for change that can expand resources, reduce costs and apply innovative solutions to complex problems.

Alliance members includes funders and providers of health and social care (public and private), patient groups, research organizations, educators providers, software, telecom and drug companies, as well as policy makers from academic medicine and government.


As a CIHAlliance member you will find a platform that supports:

• more collaboration between stakeholders
• an exchange of ideas, lessons learned and opportunities
• a vehicle to implement strategic priorities
• high priority programs for identified projects such as active and healthy aging and community nursing