About CIHA

The Canadian Integrated Health Alliance (CIHAlliance) is a not-for-profit organization launched in 2016, that aims to improve patient outcomes by connecting key stakeholders in government, academic medicine and industry.

We will accomplish this through regional Ecosystems, which are a powerful force for change, as their combined knowledge and skills can expand revenues, reduce costs and solve complex healthcare problems faster than any one group. Each Ecosystem inspires a dialogue in subject-matter working groups, between health and social care stakeholders that include: Policy makers, Industry, Health care providers, Patient advocates and Investors.

Our Mission:
“To connect and strengthen partnerships between healthcare stakeholder organizations which are committed to advancing cost effective solutions for major health/social care challenges.”

hexagon_newCIHAlliance’s approach to stakeholder collaboration across the healthcare spectrum provides a platform for common ground enabling healthcare organizations to connect and resolve key issues and drive sustainable change in Canada.

Today, many organizations in different healthcare disciplines develop their own passionate agendas for change in our health and social care systems. The challenges they face however, represent barriers to delivering on their goals and objectives. CIHAlliance will bring a new level of discourse to push past these agenda limitations, offering a new digital connected platform

CIHAlliance has been created in Canada as a logical extension of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance). ECHAlliance has grown from a small beginning to now encompass direct representation in 40 European countries, 500 member firms and 16,000+ health care contributors bringing expertise, skills and thought-leadership to remove the barriers to optimal health solutions.

In 2015, a grassroots movement to establish and build a similar networking infrastructure began in Canada and is now supported by 300+ followers bringing their organizations to full partnership status as CIHAlliance members. Members benefit through an online presence, connecting to both their national and international counterparts, and are able to seek out and partners with new health delivery models and bring them to the Canadian stage. Similar units have also begun in China and the US to extend this collaborative framework even further.

Our vision is clear. To build a Canada-wide network of stakeholders empowered to connect, collaborate, and build cost-effective, relevant, patient centric outcomes.
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